Our comprehensive services cover the entire technology lifecycle—now and in the future.

Simplus Australia Services

Guided by the mantra ‘success simplified’, we exist to make complex things simple.

We work relentlessly to help companies transform to achieve their strategic vision, improve performance and increase value to stakeholders. Our expertise and service focus is there to support you every step of the way and to deliver a timely and successful business transformation.

Strategic Advisory and Change Management

We believe successful organisational change starts by identifying the problems and building a road map for improvement to take your company from the present into the future.

Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce provides real-time visibility into all aspects of your business. To get the most out of your Salesforce solution, it needs to be set up with best practices by certified industry leaders. Our experienced team of professionals are skilled at implementing across all Salesforce clouds.

Data, Integration and Analytics

Smart decisions are powered by quality data. Our Data and Einstein Analytics experts can gather, integrate, cleanse and visualise your data to empower your team with business insights and help your organisation continue to improve, innovate and grow.

Managed Services

We evolve with your business and provide ongoing support. We help you continually innovate on the platform, so you can adapt to the changing needs of your business.

Solution Platforms

100% Cross-Cloud Salesforce Solutions

Sales Cloud

The world’s #1 CRM solution gives your sales teams the power to close deals like never before with an array of cloud-based tools that increase productivity, keep the pipeline filled with solid leads and score more wins. No software. No hardware. No speed limits. With Sales Cloud, you can grow your accounts, find new customers and close deals faster—from anywhere. The path to success starts here.

Service Cloud

From call centre software to self-service portals, Salesforce service solutions enhance your customer service with more responsive, more intuitive and more flexible support that anticipates customer needs. Support customers everywhere with the service platform that keeps the conversation flowing.

Community Cloud

Build communities to fit your needs. Connect and collaborate with customers, partners and employees. Build a community for everyone critical to your business ecosystem, from agencies, vendors and suppliers to patients, job applicants and even retail locations.


Salesforce CPQ (configure, price and quote) helps organisations simplify complex quoting processes and enables sales teams to quickly and accurately generate quotes for orders. Salesforce CPQ eliminates process errors, improves productivity and grows revenue. It works in tandem with CRM and ERP programs.

Field Service Lightning

There are lots of new business opportunities in the fire hose of IoT data that’s streaming from today’s Internet-connected products. Yet behind the billions of connected apps, devices, sensors and sites, there are customers. So make sure you’re giving customers the best experience with Salesforce IoT, the only platform designed to put your IoT data where it will serve your customers the best: right inside Salesforce.

Einstein Analytics

Make smarter decisions. Einstein Analytics has ready-to-go solutions for every line of business. Get data analysis directly from Salesforce or any other data source from across your business. Now you can instantly explore information, find insights and take actions that help your whole team move forward.


Pardot is a B2B marketing automation tool that allows marketing and sales teams to create, deploy and manage online marketing campaigns that increase revenue and maximise efficiency. Pardot provides a full solution that helps marketers create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals.

Marketing Cloud

Make the most of every customer interaction by creating personalised, cross-channel customer journeys that deliver exceptional experiences across email, mobile, social, advertising, the web and more. Discover the complete solution to navigate the entire customer journey on one platform. Explore the tools to help marketers deliver the right message at the right time—on any channel.

Integration Tools

A Salesforce integration solution is a piece of software that establishes and manages communication between Salesforce CRM and other systems. You can integrate Salesforce with a wide variety of systems, including ERP, CRM and marketing automation software. They use APIs to interpret messages that systems exchange. The choice of a Salesforce integration tool depends on the number of systems to integrate and their specifics, as well as the number of integration levels to cover.

Delivering Real Results

At Simplus, we’re renowned for agile, rapid and flexible implementations.

We work in sprints so that you can see the impact and results quickly. However, our real measure of success is your organisation’s ability to sustain and improve on your results long after we are gone, with vast improvements on your bottom line, customer engagement and process efficiencies.